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If you were to steal, and profit from, Eric Corley's personal identification - you'd never hear the end of it! He'd probably also want you in jail. Apparently, Kevin Mitnick's legal team seems too stupid to understand modern computer technology. District Court Judge Mariana Pfaelzer expressed her disapproval with the request for a delay.

Gotta sell those T-shirts! They're like five bucks a pop now, and that extra two bucks cuts into my Smash the State fund. Yes, there may be aspects of politics that touch on aspects of hacking, but quite frankly it's not up to them to tell people how to think. And apart from that The quality of their articles is in the toilet. That's pretty much all there is to know. He wanted it shown when we were showing 'Enemy of the State' and when we told him 'no, we're showing enemy of the state then, we'll show it tomorrow' he got all huffy and bailed.

Then when we went to show it the next day, we couldn't find it. Guess he took his football and went home. But you didn't miss anything. I actualy really was looking forward to seeing it at ToorCon 2 years ago, but afterwards I can't figure out why.

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It's mainly 3 hours of Emmanuel and his self indulgant crap. Whoever made the wannabe 'Michael Moore' comment was spot on. I hadn't been able to put my finger on it, but you pegged it. This show includes fundraising. Gotta brainwash those young victims I have found that these members, including Emmanuel Goldstein aka Eric Corley are a bunch of self important people, who think their opinion is always correct.

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I also, have not had one good experience with other members. Again, they refuse to believe they could ever be wrong, and speak in a condescending manner to all those not in the 'clique'. Mod me down if you want, but this is a true synopsis of my experiences with the 'hackers'. Most of the stuff in is crap, especially the political articles. The articles in Phrack are a step above the few technical articles in these days. They could finally take a little break from rehashing Mitnick folklore and retro infosec concepts 'OMG, some companies could still be vulnerable to wardialing!!

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I'm a life time subscriber, but with some of the content anymore - especially the letters - just pains me to read it. Once in a while there will be a good 'hacker'-worthy article. But most of the time it's 'how do I get around right-click suppression using Internet Explorer? He also quit signing his name to them. Before, he wrote nearly all the stories. After that, it was all, 'We here at Yeah right. Maybe it's more professional, but to me, it took away all the personality and passion from the writing.

Calling it Phrack-lite would be an insult to Phrack. Did you know anything about the account and its owner? Did you check the volume and type of traffic that was on the account before you decided to run tarballs through it?

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Would it have deterred you to know how well connected he was with some of the top networking and security professionals working in the Bay Area at the time? Were you surprised how quickly the FBI appeared at your motel while you were still downloading? Do your current security services customers know how sloppy you were when you were captured? Shortly thereafter you were escorted out and you stuck around the front of the party where they had not the privileged to force you to vacate the area.

Afterwards you engaged many involved in the charity event on twitter where you claimed to have been 'in' the party for over two hours, were called out and subsequently harassed those that did so. Initially you seemed to just block those that had negative things to say about you, but it quickly turned into you calling some at work and harassing them.

My question for you; As a felon, do you sometimes worry that playing games with other hackers will get you into trouble? No, all he wanted to do was steal cellphone service and other services. He is not the Hacker Poster boy. He was treated unfairly in the courts and legal system.

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Because it appeared in the Associated Press, they have made it fact that he engaged in a multi-million dollar crime wave. When in actuality he's been indicted for things, that ahh But you know Interesting episode. Also note he talks about "cracking" the satellite system. That's a long time, for somebody who didn't steal anytbing, didn't hurt anybody, just basically played around with computers and phones.

Which is very long time, and no end in sight.

Didn't hurt anybody? Didn't steal anything? We also support the knowledge you were trying to get out before your site was shutdown. If enough people maintain pressure on the SPA and their tactics, they will wither away. It is their destiny. It's all selective enforcement spiked with greed, fear, and revenge.

In other words, it's not a pretty place to be.

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But the outcome of this battle is going to be significant. We wind up getting more support than ever before from people and places we never would have been in touch with ordinarily. By attempting this on others, you're opening up the same type of support for them. In other words, you'll be making them stronger. You should have the ability to counter hate speech with words and logic, rather than resorting to desperate measures.

You need to be attacking the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. The assumption that shutting down sites is what hackers are all about simply strengthens the inaccurate mass media perception of us. Any idiot can use brute force to try and shut someone up. Let's hope that we're all a few steps above that. The bigger they are the more they bitch Thank you for your support. When someone threatens us with a lawsuit, we print the letter and that usually stops it, or we just continuing doing it anyway because there is nothing illegal about it, and we don't respond well to threats.

We didn't respond very well to that either. With every issue we stockpile, we lose more space so we'd really like to get rid of the damn things. If they take up so much space, why not just put them on the Internet?