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And, it's true! You achieved nirvana.

Software Architect Level I (Novice)

What you did is to actually build a house where the walls, the doors, the pipes, the electrical outlets, and where it's located in the world can be easily moved. It wasn't easy to do it this way, it took you a couple of years to get there, and new engineers take a while to reach productivity because of so much abstraction, but you can't envision a scenario within reasonable bounds that your abstracted-architecture would not serve the company. Well, you couldn't, until…. Well, your CEO decides to pivot the product. The good news is that your hyper-abstracted solution still could be used to serve the new solution.

Well, the new solution is quite simpler actually and it could be done with significant simpler architecture. But you and the team are committed to the architecture in place. The next project you are put on, you know, you just know, that building architectures that you imagine would survive the next decade is just futile. You realize that you need a balanced approach between how much abstraction and how much specificity you'll have in the code.

You know you have to take engineering onboarding cost into account. You know what maintainability actually means. After a few rounds of product pivot, full re-architecture execution, managing not removing technical debt, knowing that big rewrites take too long, you achieve….

Terrible Logic

After being a great software architect for a few years, you start to realize there are a few constants every time you start a new project: a No one knows what they want and what they should do, b Things change more often than expected. You develop clairvoyance! You also know that trying to plan for all of it is futile and you are constantly making compromises in which scenarios you'll prepare for but not implement and which you'll sacrifice either knowing they are unlikely to happen or taking a measured risk if they do happen.

Finally, you know the right balance between hacking pieces together deliberately creating a technical debt and abstracting modular solutions. You just know. You don't monkey around. Your intuition has been fine-tuned by the lessons of life.

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Some projects address blockchain shortcomings by using databases to store data e. So, for example, a small amount of data goes onto a blockchain, but the majority is stored in a database stored off-chain with references back to the blockchain. This hybrid approach may solve some problems, but others appear.

What happens if the server goes offline or you lose the database?

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Also, anytime databases are leveraged, core centralized problems return: databases can be attacked, data stored in the database can be changed, or get compromised. Similarly, many projects use IPFS with a cluster of distributed nodes to host the data rather than keep it on the blockchain. For example, a big SQL server is going to eat those numbers for lunch and will crush the capacity of Bitcoin, Ethereum or whatever blockchain network.

Even if future blockchains do increase in speed, fundamentally it is highly unlikely it will ever be faster than a database because it needs to do extra work. Requiring this proof of work ensures that the blockchain is proof against a minority party in terms of compute power derailing the consensus rules. Regardless of the blockchain, when mining is coupled with transaction processing the system can only go as fast as mining permits. Other blockchain architectures elect or designate block producers so they decouple the Sybil attack countermeasures from the act of producing a block.

With 40 years of database research, compared to approximately ten for blockchains, databases will be faster for the foreseeable future.

The Good News Today – The Terrible Logic of Hell

At Helium we really want to let the device owners store their own information however they want and just use the blockchain as a routing and settlement layer for tracking gateway identity. Devices simply indicate their identity and we use prefix routing on their identifier to route the packet to the right place. Are you willing to give up control to become truly decentralized? If so, you need to prepare for a number of questionable uses of the system. If you are truly committed to a decentralized system, depending on the type of governance, to take action buy in is typically required from the majority of participants.

I'm a "terrible influence" - Simplymailogical #14

This can take time and be cumbersome. The issue turned into a huge, very polarized debate and ended up with Bitcoin Cash becoming a fork. Technical decisions get weaponized as political ones. The first is the manner in which grey on grey is becoming a thing again. But also: typography.

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