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Whenever I find myself feeling like "poor me", that's what I consider having my "mind in the gutter". When my awareness is focused on lack or limitation, I am reminded this is what Charles Fillmore meant when he said, "poverty is a sin".


Experience has taught me the most efficient elevator for my thoughts and attitude is to begin to list my blessings. Health, love, work that inspires me, my gardens, backyard nature; and soon gratitude begins to lift the altitude of my attitude.

Today, acknowledge that gratitude is the altitude of your attitude and see where you are. If you are not on the mountaintop, begin to list your blessings.

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Pat Allen's Want Institute. I am a graduate of three dog training schools and I am skilled in traditional training, clicker training and electric collar training techniques. As an Animal Chaplain, I am studying the effects of grief and loss as it concerns the dog and human bond. I have studied alternative healing therapies such as Tellington-Touch, Therapeutic Touch and other cutting edge energetic healing therapies. I combine animal communication methods with dog behavior modification techniques to quickly restore the dog to a balanced emotional state.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

My goal is to reeducate the owner, rehabilitate the dog and rejuvenate the relationship between the loving dog owner and their dog. We guide your dog from crazy to cool.

I use animal psychology as the energetic connection to an animal, by which I exchange messages through body patterns and sensations. The communication is based on questions you have regarding your dog's health, behaviors, personality or whatever else you want to know.

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One Inch From Your Gold. I am going to tell you a story of a young ambitious guy who was mining for gold. It was the period w..


Facing your fears—and conquering them. You might never completely get over your fear if y.

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