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He has grit from the desert still in his hair, the cold of the mountains still in his bones and the blood of loved ones, innocents and enemies still on his hands. I love all of my characters in one way or another but I think Colin is one that I just adore with all of my heart. Because everyone else might have their opinions on what he does and how he might think, but he knows exactly who he is and rolls with it. This was a prompt from idareyoutowrite many many moons ago. I really like it so far and i kind of want to make a short story out of it and by kind of I mean I really want to.

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And the bright side in this case is that I love writing Colin. Ely, while it seems like an eternity since I wrote from his perspective, was all about identifying things. He was pragmatic and mostly trying to get his footing. He was testing the waters as a leader, as a warrior, and with his brand new powers. Faythe tried to see everything.

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While Ely wanted to put things into categories and understand various points of view Faythe wanted to see everything for what it was. So much of her time was spent trying to figure out the truth of the matter. The rest of her time was spent trying to be heard and protecting…everyone.

She has a serious problem with wanting to protect everyone she comes in contact with.

Colin is a character who just is. He just lets things happen organically. So here is the only way I can do that. You can find a link to my first novel, Unexpected Destiny, and links to my shorts on fictionpress. Was that good?

I think I need some work. This is my author page! Apparently you need an official page in order to have a kickstarter and so this is mine. Besides which, I needed an official page anyway. I write the series Tales of Milany which, as of now, only has one published novel Unexpected Destiny and another I will be publishing very soon Treacherous Summits. Aydelotte and Gertrude Amelia Canatsey Aydelotte. James William Aydelotte born on - died on at the age of Arnold Aydelotte.

James J Aydelotte born on Dec 11, - died on Nov 16, at the age of Family includes; 1 children Donna Bess Aydelotte Bishop. James H Aydelotte born on Nov 30, - died on Aug 15, at the age of Toggle navigation.

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