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Youth and children will also enjoy making prayer beads, led by someone using this book as a guide. Kristen E Vincent. Upper Room Books. This book has no rules of engagement. No table of contents. No chapters. No time frame. God doesn't always move in an orderly, expected way, so why should your devotional experience be contained? Bounce was created to allow you to explore where God leads you--to be an ongoing experience that allows you to encounter God through your own rhythm.

Bounce around, read all the entries on a specific topic at once there is an index in the back to help you out with that , or read the book front to back or back to front. It's up to you. So start the journey however you would like; may the grace of God, the love of Jesus, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit be with you as you explore the places where God is. Chris Folmsbee. Barefoot Ministries of Kansas City. Cat Psalms Devotions Inspiration Prayer. This collection of psalm--prayers is based on Brokering's observations of cats he has known throughout his life--farm cats, house cats, alley cats.

Each psalm expresses an observation about a cat's nature, written in the voice of the cat, followed by a prayer in which the human spirit speaks of its cat--like nature to God. Harbert Brokering.

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Augsburg Books. Sarah Young. Thomas Nelson. From your heart's deepest cry to life's joyful praises, Jesus is inthem all! Hope shines brightest when your world is darkest. When it was published in , Letting God was the first book to explore the themes of the Twelve-Step programs within the context of Christian tradition.

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Now revised to emphasize its spiritual focus, and including an introduction presenting a monthly theme, each daily reading begins with a selection from the New Testament. These are followed by eloquent, thought-provoking meditations that reveal how the passages apply to Christian living today, and conclude with a brief prayer.

This inspiring daily devotional strengthens and encourages the reader, providing sustenance for the sould and practical insights on everyday life. A Philip Parham. Includes The Message version, a topical index and numbered devotions so you can start any day of the year. Dog Psalms is one of Herb Brokering's best-selling titles. Now More Dog Psalms brings further inspiration to lovers of dogs Inspired by Brokering's observations of dogs, each of these whimsical, playful psalm-meditations is filled with tender wisdom and expresses what dogs can teach us about peace and peace building.

A prayer that encourages readers and offers fresh, new ways to pray more deeply and with more imagination and understanding follows each meditation.

As girls enter their tween and teen years, it's especially important for them to have an open and growing relationship with their father. Unfortunately, this is often the time when parental relationships are strained.

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The One Year Father-Daughter Devotions can foster communication and understanding; and it's a wonderful way for a father to bond with his daughter during a crucial point in her life. Each of the devotions begins with an introductory story, then daddy-daughter time provides discussion questions, activities, or other practical applications of the daily lesson.

A "What's the Word" section gives a related Bible verse to help bring God's Word alive as father and daughter apply the Scripture to their lives. Written by three fathers, the devotions have a tone that is conversational and relatable: the authors use everything from flavored potato chips to the Etch-A-Sketch game to share truths about God's Word and to help fathers and daughters relate to each other. Bob Smithouser. Tyndale House Publishers. The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo is designed to be used by a mother and her tween daughter; both can read and understand the same devotion and share in the "girl gab" section to discuss their understanding of Scripture and their relationship with God.

The devotion will strengthen mother-daughter relationships as well as their relationships with God. Topics for the devotions are centered around issues that best-selling author Dannah Gresh is known for addressing through her books and mother-daughter conferences. Topics include modesty, purity, self-esteem, handling emotions, witnessing, living the faith. Dannah Gresh. As the meal comes to a close, family members can take turns turning to the dinner-table devotion for that day, designed to be done together as a family in 10 to 15 minutes. The result is a meaningful daily discussion in which every family member can participate, drawing the whole family closer to God.

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Praying in Color Devotions Inspiration Prayer. Need help communicating with God? Empowering Your Tomorrow, Today! Daily Devotions: Walking Daily in the New Testament and Proverbs: In just minutes per day - read through the New Testament and the book of Proverbs - easy to read format - modern english. October 18, by admin Comment Closed.

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Take time to dwell on the need to be refreshed with God's spirit continually. Would you like to have these devotions appear daily on your church or ministry website? Scripture and prayer are two foundational cornerstones of content. Robert Paul Martin added, "Psalm 51 needs to be familiar ground for every pilgrim to Zion. David's confession of his sin and prayer for divine grace is exemplary in its scope and pointedness. Many are the occasions when we need to pray as he did.

Robert Candlish has given us a helpful exposition of this psalm which not only informs our understanding but prods us to imitate David's repentance in those seasons when we should deal honestly with God concerning our sins. Mike Renihan said, "Take up and read to improve your soul. As Candlish wrote, 'You will be getting more and more of an insight into God's marvelous grace and love, and proving more and more thoroughly the blessedness of a full, as well as a free, forgiveness; of complete reconciliation; of perfect peace.

It is the psalmist's ordinary way; to begin with an outburst of feeling; and then go on to explain more leisurely the experience which led up to it. So is it here. His cry is for mercy; "God be merciful to me a sinner. It is a simple casting of himself, sinner as he is, upon God. It is upon God, "according to his loving kindness, according to the multitude of his tender mercies," that he casts himself. The rich, and large, and bountiful grace of God is his only stay. He appeals to it in terms expressive of the most emphatic fullness of contrite conviction and believing confidence:"Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy loving kindness; according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions.

And they are the distinguishing features of this case; the case of one deeply, deplorably, fallen in sin; but yet hopeful. For deep and deplorable as his fall has been, his faith does not fail.


The Prayer Of A Broken Heart - Supplication for Full Cleansing: Psalm The particular pleading with God,--in detail, as it were,--in the verses on the consideration of which I now enter, fitly follows the penitent's profound and searching investigation of his own sin. There is an obvious difference between the prayer that precedes, and this which follows, that confession. The prayer which goes before is, as I have said, quite vague and general. The prayer which comes after is special, pointed, and precise.

When my sin finds me out; when the cock crows; when I hear the voice "Thou art the man;" the shock of the sudden discovery to me of my guilt, under the eye of Jesus, "turning and looking on me," moves me to tears and prayer. It is prayer; perhaps for the first time truly prayer. It is the abrupt cry,"Lord save me; I perish. But there comes a closer dealing with my soul; which I welcome and improve. And I turn from that soul-exercise again to God. I plead with him more in detail, about my case. And my detailed pleading, in renewed prayer, corresponds to the detailed penetential exercise out of which it arises and proceeds.

He has been confessing his sin, without reserve or guile. He has been seeking a thorough cure for a deep disease. He has been considering his case in all the views of it which a spiritually awakened conscience can suggest. His sin is ever before him; as now really painful and offensive to himself. It is seen in the light of the glory of God; his glory as--first, the sovereign Lord; secondly, the Holy One; and thirdly, the righteous Judge.

Sin is rebellion against his sovereignty. It is loathsome in his sight. It is righteously judged and condemned. Nor is this all. In its source and essence, this sin is original; birth-born; natural; inherent in the fallen constitution which he inherits.

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In all these views of it, he is enabled to pray for deliverance. He asks to be purged, cleansed, quickened. And now, with the restored joy of God's salvation, giving me the confidence of being upheld by a free spirit, I ask if anything can be done by me; if anything lies before me; that may prove my penitence for the past, and occupy my recovered strength of joy and liberty for service now?