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Audiokinetic's Wwise has helped usher in the dawning of a new era for game audio.

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The ability to create and audition complex systems and establish a set of emerging standards within the community at-large has led to an incredible leap in Technical Sound Design quality in today's games. The accessibility and availability of tools, documentation, and educational resources makes Wwise an easy decision for anyone interested in pursuing the art of implementation.

What is Game Audio?

I've used Wwise in numerous games and I love it. It's incredibly powerful, yet it's extremely easy to learn and use.

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  4. A special mention goes to the interactive music engine: flexible and well designed, it's a game changer for composers and gives results that can't be achieved anywhere else. Its power, versatility, and accessibility are second to none as far as 3rd party middleware solutions are concerned. It's one of those tools that just gets out of the way, allowing the designer to simply create.

    Wwise provides a bridge between the coding and sound design worlds, establishing a common ground for those working within their respective fields.


    This common ground ultimately enhances the outcome of their individual efforts. The abundance of features in Wwise makes for a complete and versatile game audio solution that allows us to realize our audio-visions.

    We use Wwise on a daily basis with a team of sound designers and programmers. When such a column stocky and bulky he with more digits following company of other persons him look young and if you have uninterrupted see when a man.

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    I eventually left Griptonite to work as a sound designer at Microsoft Studios SoundLab, where I was again dropped in over my head — but on even larger projects. I worked primarily on voiceover for Halo 4, but had the chance to briefly help out on a number of different types of sounds — weapons, environments , cinematics, and more.

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    After having worked in those systems, I found a lot of areas for improvement in the systems design and audio implementation for Halo, and was eventually hired full time to work on Voice Over. In that role, I helped build a new, automated Voice Over implementation pipeline. After establishing that new system, I started working on designing implementation systems for other types of sounds, and eventually just naturally transitioned into a more comprehensive audio implementation role, rather than focusing on voice over exclusively.

    My favorite part of my job is how varied my work is from day to day. One day I might be implementing game music for a new multiplayer mode, the next I might be fixing a bug with one of the vehicle sounds, and the next I might be helping design new and exciting technology with our programming teams. My responsibilities have such a wide range, which seems to be really rare on large projects. There seem to be a lot of positions that get very specialized at larger studios, and my role covers a much wider range of skills and responsibilities than most others.

    Wwise 2018 Cube Demo: Audio Implementation Guide Series

    I love always having something new and different to work on. One of my least favorite parts of my job is when we have to make difficult cuts to features in our game.

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    I always want to build the coolest, most exciting, highest quality experience possible, and sometimes we have to make difficult decisions to remove features or aspects of the game in order to ensure we can sustainably ship a high quality experience across the board.

    I think people would be surprised at how audio implementation is so tightly integrated with sound design. Implementation is such a huge part of the design of the sound that the two are really inseparable.

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    In order to successfully do either, you have to have a really solid understanding of both, and a solid integration of the two aspects of game audio. Another thing people might find surprising is that more complex is not always better. In fact, my goal is to always hit the quality bar with the simplest possible solution. Sophisticated systems can be very fun and interesting to design and build, but the systems that have been most successful in my experience have been the simplest ones.