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Not far behind is the Even as a piece of kitsch it fails. Porter, who knew nothing about jazz and was under instructions to compose a song about jazz, conducted research by attending concerts and talking with Fred Astaire. Still, there are a number of winners. And after hearing it, you may never want to again. Short as the exponent of an elevated form of cocktail jazz, but this does little to convince me of his talents or perhaps more to the point, his taste. Porter wrote urbane, educated and witty songs for an urbane, educated and witty crowd. Porter always fared better on the other side of the tracks.

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In short order, she was serving as aide de camp for one of her musical idols, the arranger-composer Gil Evans. But things change. As Ms.

Let’s Misbehave

Her upcoming gig at the Jazz Standard Oct. Well, not a problem exactly. But it is fair to say that Ms. Amazingly, Ms. The debt to Evans was honorably discharged in the title composition dedicated to her late mentor, who died in But enough with the negatives. At her best, Ms. Schneider sheds that Eastman A-student persona completely, entering into an unpredictable jazz impressionism that suggests the noble lineage of Ellington and Strayhorn.

He loved to play golf and duplicate bridge and did both until his body was too weak to do so. He loved to play cribbage and was victorious almost every time. He was a great joke and story teller.

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  7. His mind was extremely sharp right up to the end of his life. Bobbie Grice. But who are they? I do not know anything about their origins other than they apparently were from Paris, Indiana or who was in the band.

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    Vocals may be by band member Bobby Grice. Perhaps one of our Jazz Age s readers will know about these girls and will email me with this information. Her grandfather, Aloysis Stahl had been a bandmaster in Luxemburg Wisconsin. Her father Ole Evenson had played in the Stahl band and music was always a part of her life.

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    In the photo you have here, she is in the back row, third from the left. She told many funny stories about being on the road with the band. Unfortunately, Valeria died in and so her stories are gone with her. She would have them with her on the train and bus as they traveled from town to town and her bandmates would complain about the smell.

    When the girls got on stage, they turned their noses up at the smell, but of course, they had a show to do!! So all the girls took a deep breath and put their mouths to their horns and played.


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