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Native Impulse. Absolute Loss. FuZion DnB.

A new play about OCD, Lost in Thought, premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018

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From up-and-coming filmmaker Hunter Martinez,

Earlier research by Aron and colleagues had shown that the STN is engaged when action stopping is required. All the volunteers were given a working memory task. On each trial, they were asked to hold in mind a string of letters, and then tested for recall.

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Most of the time, while they were maintaining the letters in mind, and before the recall test, they were played a simple, single-frequency tone. The results show, the researchers write, that unexpected events manifest the same brain signature as outright stopping of the body.

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They also recruit the STN. A role for the STN in stopping the body and interrupting working memory does fit anatomical models of how the nucleus is situated within circuitry in the brain.

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A possible future line of investigation, Aron said, is to see if the STN and associated circuitry plays a role in conditions characterized by distractibility, like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If further research bears out the connection suggested by the current study, between the STN and losing your train of thought following an unexpected event, the researchers say it might be that it is an adaptive feature of the brain, something we evolved long ago as a way to clear our cognition and re-focus on something new.

You make a sudden stop — and all thoughts of dinner are gone as you shift your focus to figure out what might be in the grass. Voets and Tipu Z.