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Buddhist Song (Peaceful Eastern Meditation Music - Great Compassion Mantra) बौद्ध संगीत / 佛教音樂誦經

Source: Instagram ninjuko. It attracts visitors in search of a deeper meaning in their lives, it's not meant for you if you are searching for a fun, lighthearted and relaxing vacation. The daily schedule is posted at the bottom of the page here , and you are required to participate in all activities. Be prepared to eat just two vegetarian meals a day but the servings are large and plentiful.

This meditation retreat is considered more of a beginners retreat. Although considered easier than other Vipassana Meditation retreats, this is still a physically and mentally challenging experience but many consider it also a life changing experience. The Kamala is an award winning beachfront spa located in Koh Samui. This luxury meditation resort is immersed in nature and located on top of a hillside.

This is a magical location with top of the line holistic programs. The resort has medical professionals on staff to offer customized treatments. It is a retreat for 12 students which starts each day off with a two hour meditation and features yoga practice, gathering and private time throughout the day. Source: Instagram jandriakos.

Although the beachfront villas offer stunning views, swimming in the ocean is not allowed. Delicious vegetarian food is served with meat options available. Make sure that you bring all the basics that you need because the nearest is a 20 minute walk away. There has been a recent change in management which has resulted in a bit lower quality in resort upkeep and in the ease of booking.

The resort is super secluded, located an hour away from the airport. The open air meditation hall is especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset. The Radiance Restaurant features raw food made from the organic fruit and vegetable garden and you can even sign up for a raw foods cooking class.

If you are planning on signing up for a detox package, there are a plethora of options available. If you are looking for a full-on meditation retreat, these only take place in Bali. They are free 5 day retreats of silent meditation which are appropriate for those with an extended background of meditation. It's super intense as the meditation sessions are hours a day. You might want to bring your own meditation chair , bench or acupressure mat. These retreats fill up at least 2 month in advance and they usually only accept half the applications, so much sure to apply early and take care in submitting your application.

Accommodations are not included with this retreat. There are about 5 retreats taking place in Thailand per month so you have several options to sign up for. You are surrounded by both the jungle and the beach and you can opt to stay in basic, Thai style bungalows which feature a double bed and hammock on the deck.

Mindfulness/Meditation Retreat - Thailand Forum

Dhamma Kancana is dediated to the practice of Vipassana and features 18 centers all over Thailand. You may only apply to one course of at a time and there are 10 day meditation courses taking place on every day of the month. Note that some courses are for Thai speakers only. These are introductory courses where the practice is taught step by step throughout the day.

About the silent meditation retreat at Kow Tahm

Dhamma Kancana is a 6 hour drive from Bangkok. Most attendees lose a lot of weight during the retreat! Basic outdoor cottages are provides with a bed, meditation stool, bathroom, clothing rack and fan. The rest of your day while consist of massages, treatments, healing sessions, free time, tours, cooking classes and more.

The Suryanuni Spiritual Healing Center is an ideal place to detox, meditate, practice yoga, clear your karma , open your heart and heal and reconnect. They take customer service seriously here! There are also numerous room options with a minimum three night stay. You are allowed to keep your electronics but they are not allowed outside of your hotel room. The Chiva Som offers a long menu of retreat options. The most meditation focused retreat at Chiva Som is the Yoga for Life retreat.

This retreat offers different length options ranging from 3 nights to 14 nights and even longer retreats are available upon request. In addition to the daily yoga and meditation program, you'll receive a daily treatment of your choice and three Wellness Cuisine meals.

Source: Instagram igrunok. I love the wide variety of programs and options available at the Orion Healing Center. Their Yoga Retreat is most similar to a meditation retreat. It includes one meditation session per day and many yoga sessions throughout the day. Included with the package are accommodation, three meals a day, and one thai massage treatment and reiki treatment.

The remaining 4 days are the pre and post detox days.

Top 10 Buddhist Meditation Retreats in Thailand

The spa kitchen will provide delicious, fresh squeezed and energzing juices and provide education about the optimal dietary guidelines. I feel grateful that you understand.

I want to tell you that. Thank you very much. How do I view your YouTube. You speak Thai same Thai people. Thanks for your kind words. There are many places to do 10 day retreats that have ongoing or regularly scheduled retreats. The have retreats starting the 1st of each month. I was introduced to Vipassana 3 years ago in Dalifornia. Over the past 4 months I have become more and more interested and recently practice tonglen. I plan to come to Chiang Mai in last and visit my cousin who lives there. I am interested in the day retreat at Wat Ram Poeng that you describe.

I also want to study Thai massage in Chiang Mai area.

Meditation retreats and temples across Thailand

I am unaccustomed to very hot, humid climate and wonder when would be the most comfortable time of year for being there about 3 months. Any suggestions you may have for me? Sorry for the late reply. The most comfortable 3 month period would be Nov-Jan in my opinion. November will start out quite warm still, and may possibly be a bit rainy.

Meditation centres and retreats in Thailand

But by the end of the month, it should be cooler and dry. Last year we had overnight lows around 50 F for some part of early January. Nov-Jan sounds very comfortable weather-wise. Thank you for your beautiful web presence and sharing your experience globally.

Very informative account, thank you.

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