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No, he didn't. If the yard is part of the property, so is the trash can. That gate is just easier to lean against. I'd guess the boundary of the house, or at least its power, can be worked out from where Constance dragged Addie's body after the accident. Good lord, it's times like this that I have to wonder about the amount of logic and reason I put into fictional worlds.

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Yes, this idea was adressed when Addy died and Constance tried to drag her body to the property Murder House stands on and then again while Larry and Moira are incompasitating Joe Escandarian, Constance says "Please remember to take him off the property before killing him, I don't want to see his sorry carcass around here. There are other instances supporting the fact that if a character dies in the house or the land it stands on they will be trapped if they are not laid to rest correctly.

Are we not going to mention the fact that Tate went to the beach with Violet one night? The kids he murdered showed up asking him to admit what he did. How was he able to go to the beach?

‘Making a Murderer’: Steven Avery’s Lawyer on the Evidence Left Out – Rolling Stone

How did Moira go see her mom at the hospital? Violet couldn't leave, yet Tate could that one time. Hayden was also able to get in the cop car and drive off, but she disappeared shortly after. Tate died in the house. He died in the same room that Violet lived in. His mom started seeing Larry just to get in the house again.

So when his wife killed herself with the kids Constance and her children moved in with him. Larry killed Beau because Constance didnt want him. When tate finds out he sets Larry on fire, but it doesnt kill him. And after that tate goes to the school and kills 15 people. He then returns home and waits for the cops to arive on his bed. A persons life force must be extinguished on the property for a soul to remain in the house.

Just look at the black dahlia. As for "passing on" i think some hold on to the idea of it. Moira mostly wanted her body to be found because she wanted justice for her murder. Constance was the prime suspect they just need a body and the case would be reopened. I mean he could have died a bit after Nora killed Charles and herself. People who die in the house are bound to the house forever. There's a curse on it, they can't leave the house and they can't cross over either.

P D James The Murder Room pt2 S01E02

When they killed the man who wanted to buy and destroy the house, Constance said to drag him out asap because she didn't want him to die in the house she didn't want his spirit there forever. Moira's mother was in a hospital, not in the house; Moira left the house on Halloween; at the end of the Haloween episode you see a lot of ghosts returning to the house, because this is the one night where they're free to perform a mercy killing; her mother's spirit was free to go but not hers, because it was bound to the house.

As for Addy, she was also not in the house, she got hit by a car in the street, and while Constance tried to drag her on the house's property so that she would die there and be bound to it like Beau and Tate, Addy died before she could succeed. Later on the medium hears Adelaide's voice and says that Addy is glad that she didn't die in the house, because she didn't want to be trapped there.

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I know that the dead can walk the earth on halloween ie hayden in the cop car, tate at the beach, and moira visiting her mother but how does tate meet dr. She died as a young woman so why in earth did the older version of her even exist? I thought while watching it that a born baby would release the ghosts but it did absolutely nothing. Moira didn't "age". She presented herself differently to other people. We can assume that she chose that form, but we don't know the mechanics of how or why.

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Nor are we likely to find out. Moira says in the episode where the husband gets caught shaking her, that Men will see what they want and women will see the true parts of a soul. I know it's a bit late, but how come Moira can't just tell the police there's a dead body under the gazeebo hers and be free? Constance disposed of his body by dismembering it and fed dogs with it if I remember correctly. Since the corpse was no longer on the perimeter of the House, his ghost was not tethered to it. Disposing of the body does not preclude one from being a ghost.

Cutupuss wrote: I know it's a bit late, but how come Moira can't just tell the police there's a dead body under the gazeebo hers and be free? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Follow 0 Kudos. Murder House Question: Why hasn't Violet or anyone for that matter crossed over? Fix a heart Loading editor. Edited by FishTank , September 3, Quote More History.

Save changes Preview Cancel. Your post is pretty spot on. However, I'm pretty sure Tate was shot in the Murder House. FishTank wrote: Interesting theory, up until the part where Tate is the house's "avatar". FishTank wrote: Since we have no idea the origins of why the house is a ghost trap, we don't know if it even can be escaped. Lyco wrote: Yeah, rewatching the show I'm starting to get the feeling that Moira's biggest, if not only, motive behind wanting her corpse found was so Constance would be jailed. FishTank wrote: Then the kind said to his sons, "He who finds this feather for me shall have my crown.

The youngest met an old man, who asked him what he was doing. He replied, "Papa is ill.

‘Making a Murderer’: Steven Avery’s Lawyer on the Evidence Left Out

To cure him a feather of the griffin in necessary. And papa has said that whoever finds the feather shall have his crown. When you reach a certain place, put it in your hat. The griffin will come and eat it.

Seize him, pull out a feather, and carry it to papa. On his way he met his brothers, who asked him if he had found the feather.

Murder Rooms

He said, "No," but his brothers did not believe him, and wanted to search him. They looked everywhere, but did not find it. Finally they looked in his shoe and got it. Then they killed the youngest brother and buried him, and took the feather to their father, saying that they had found it. The king healed his eyes with it. A shepherd one day, while feeding his sheep, saw that his dog was always digging in the same place, and went to see what it was, and found a bone.

He put it into his mouth, and saw that it sounded and said, "Shepherd, keep me in your mouth, hold me tight, and do not let me go! For a feather of the griffin, my brother has played the traitor, my brother has played the traitor. The king put it to his mouth, and the whistle said, "Papa!