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She is then stripped naked and whipped for the carnies, while the Hobo Clown sings a metaphorical song that retells the fable Lucifer is reading "A Penny for a Tale". Tamara is continually wooed by the Scorpion, and follows him into a dark tent where a knife-throwing wheel has been set up.

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There she walks in on the Scorpion and the Painted Doll kissing. The Scorpion accuses Tamara of not trusting him, which she denies. He straps her to his knife-throwing wheel, and tosses three knives at her, all of them missing. He brandishes a fourth knife, a switch blade, and throws it directly into Tamara's heart, killing her "Trust Me". The Painted Doll then retells the fable to the carnies through song, showing off Tamara's body for them "Prick!

Goes the Scorpion's Tale". Lucifer reads one final fable for Daniel, "The Devil and His Due" which seems to be based on Aesop's "Grief and His Due," but also refers to the phrase "giving the devil his due.

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Eventually John is drawn back to a replica of the bathroom where he slit his wrists. John, distraught over losing his son, claims Heaven has abandoned both Daniel and himself. John finds Daniel in Lucifer's study, only for Daniel to morph into the Fool, a dwarf carnie, much to Lucifer's amusement and John's dismay. Lucifer taunts John, revealing to him that he is in fact in Hell as he could not let go of his grief.

John weeps but eventually decides he no longer wants to grieve and Lucifer sends John to heaven. John crawls out of God's "Broken" bin, surprising him. Lucifer rallies the carnies, announcing a grand plan to offer the condemned souls redemption and thus, access to Heaven "Grace for Sale". Ticket-Keeper informs the carnies that, come tomorrow, they will wage war with God and his angels, in order to "put Heaven out of business".

In a post-credits scene, Tamara finds Lucifer in the big-top tent. She blindly places her trust in him, like she did with the Scorpion, and is seduced by Lucifer, ultimately repeating the sin that brought her to Hell "In All My Dreams I Drown".

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Bousman and Zdunich began developing the concept of the movie while the two were talking about a possible sequel for Repo! Bousman and Zdunich have stated that The Devil's Carnival will be an ongoing project, [10] with episode two already being written. As of June , production on The Devil's Carnival: Episode 2 has officially begun and most of the cast is anticipating to return.

The piece was originally intended to be placed within the film itself, but was ultimately moved to the end credits due to it "not flowing with the rest of the film". Tamara would find herself in the carnival ring, be seduced by Lucifer, then awake again , being rendered redundant. The Devil's Carnival received positive reviews from critics.

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Artist Direct gave the film 4. The soundtrack for the movie was released April 3 in digital release on Amazon and iTunes , with limited edition CDs being sold on the road tour stops. The movie was released in two editions, a "Ringmaster" collector's edition and a "Sinners" version. The Ringmaster's edition features audio commentary tracks from the cast and crew and several features on the making of the film. This release is virtually identical to the Ringmaster edition of the Blu-ray, except the lyric booklet has been removed and the cover art was altered.

The film's sequel, Alleluia! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Devil's Carnival Theatrical poster. Main article: Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival. Dread Central. Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 1 March Artist Direct.


Daily Dead. Bloody Disgusting. Film School Rejects. Hollywood Reporter. Oh No They Didn't! Darkest Radio. Phoenix New Times. Archived from the original on 13 September Retrieved 6 September Indie Wire.

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