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A "saga" is a long, especially Scandinavian, poem dealing with heroes and other events of Norse mythology.

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An "Aga" is an expensive cooker which is normally seen only in country kitchens. In other words, the only rival or competitor you have is time itself - the clock. The expression comes from carpentry and refers to planing against the natural grain of the wood, which is difficult and may even damage the wood. When the tide is coming in, the sea's currrents are moving towards the shore and this makes any attempt to swim out to sea more difficult because the swimmer would be swimming against the tide.

This could be given to a breed which is known for its vigor in the water. If a pupil is obliged to let a teacher pass through a door, the child may whisper to himself or another child "Age before beauty", that is,"I am young and therefore beautiful while you who are older, are ugly". Childish reasoning perhaps but in any case, the phrase is normally used with a tone of levity.

Ha catchy tune from the epoch-making musical "Hair", which celebrated the rebellion and joyfuylness of the hippy movement in the s. It was also notorious for full frontal nudity which had never been permitted on the British stage before. Therefore you might consider giving the name to a Chinese crested dog or a Mexican hairless. The expression comes from astrology. We are supposed to be in a transitional phase between the former Age of Pisces and the future Age of Aquarius when all will be peace,love and tolerance. It cannot come soon enough for me but I do not see that many signs that it is coming.

Still "dum spiro spero" as the Romans used to say. What an odd society we live in. The word "celebrity" has a secondary meaning: "fame".

Rich Pickings for Ravens (The Afterlife Crisis Trilogy #1)

In most countries, people reach the age of majority when they turn 18, though when I was younger, it was In the case in point, a custom is involved from the British custgom of kissing under the mistletoe, through High Court judges, and indeed baristers, wearing costumes from a bygone age, to the former hereditary House of Lords to name but three "age-old customs". An irritating tendency when apathy, inertia and unquestioning deference pervade society.

I have never been able to understand some people's need for man-made ritual though I accept it out of tolerance. Having said that, even I enjoy singing Christmas carols in church at Christmas time even though I have no faith.

Afterlife Crisis

From the philosophical grandeur of the ancient Greeks to the geniuses of the Renaissance, to the unimaginable mind of modern scientists like Einstein, they have all contributed to mankind's development and generally to the sum of human happiness and enlightenment. Several names spring to mind but my charitable disposition constrains me to silence! I love paradoxes and contradictions. This one sounds great and is suited to either a very laid-back dog or else one that is excitable. A slightly more recent phenomenon I think.

As for its meaning, if you say "We'll have to agree to differ" you indicate that you disagree with what your interlocutor says while accepting his right to hold different views. A slightly grandiloquent way of expressing tolerance. A term from horse-racing, it refers to a horse which is a long way in front of the other horses.

Another way of saying this is "to be streets ahead of somebody". Could be good for a dog that does things with enthusiasm. While I acknowledge that a human being cannot be entirely consistent inasmuch as we are prepared to kill fellow humans and animals under certain circumstances, like self-defence, too few of us put ahimsa into practice by being, for example, vegetarian. I have been one for thirty years and more and it has had no deleterious effect on me at all.

I also feel better in my conscience. I say if you can cheerfully go out and butcher a cow or a lamb and then eat it, go ahead. If you could not do so but instead you pay someone else to do it for you, then there is an element of inconsistency in your reasoning. If you want to see what eating meat involves, visit your nearest abbatoir.

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If that doe not convince you, nothing will You may not have invented the plan to rob a bank but you did take part in the robbery itself. You may have been just a lookout, but as such, you were nonetheless aiding and abetting the robbery.

Don't just aim for the moon, aim for the stars. Aim as high as you can in life. A positive and exhortative phrase. Our motto is 'We aim to please'" for example. A most unpleasant experience associated almost exclusively with planes and air travel. Of course this could only apply to the human body: it would be very difficult to put a dog in an akimbo position, after all, dogs do not have arms at all.

Still I like the look and sound of the word. Bizarre and very idiosyncratic. When I was a child, my father taught me a nonsense rhyme which he said was made up by a childhood friend of his. It makes no sense and cannot really be transcribed into written form in any authoritative way. Well, obviously they are all loonies but such a phenomenon really appeals to my imagination - what if Most films about alien invasions are negative with the aliens unquestioningly cast in the role of baddies, yet some have shown aliens in a more sympathetic light. Can be heard being shouted by John Lennon in the song "Yellow Submarine": "And our friends are all aboard Somebody who had red cheeks may be described as having "cheeks that are all aglow".

Often used in a dismissive tone and with snobbish overtones. Can anyone enlighten me?



At times I find the word "cetera" meaning "other things" in Latin while at other times, it is written "caetera"? I doubt whether the Romans had two spellings for the same word. Most out of character! Usually shouted out by an employee bus conductor, ticket inspector, etc. While an interviewer on the television might say: "Prime Minister, with all due respect, will you answer the question? I cannot wait to hear your answer, Prime Minister. I'm all ears. A familiar expression bequeathed to us by Shakespeare from "Julius Caesar" in which Casca speaks of a speech by Cicero which the latter delivered in Greek, not Latin.

The actual text is as follows "but for mine own part, 'twas Greek to me". Although Shakespearean, it is very often used nowadays too, even if in a slightly different form from Shakespeare's original version. More generally, it can be used to mean that every available person's help will be required to perfom a certain task.

Book Review: Even Curses End by Catherine Garbinsky

Some who is understanding and helpful. Just like your dog..


To be used perhaps for a very lively, even over-exuberant dog Still, I suppose it is in a good cause. Can be found in the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary,quite contrary How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells And pretty maids all in a row" I do not quite understand the context but never mind. Also used in the Beatles' best song out of so many "I Am The Walrus": "Mr city policeman, sitting pretty little policement in a row". In other words, never rely on one single thing or person in case it he lets you down.

A dog has good or even bad genes which decide whether it will be a champion or be a poor representative of its breed. The opposite of the "nature versus nurture" debate, which gives an important role to upbringing as well as genetics, when it comes to how a puppy turns out. Whether we fail or succeed, it's all in the stars: I can't do anything effective about it at this stage. It means "all modern conveniences" and implies that the property is fitted out alreaddy with up-to-date equipment.

Also in the same context, WC means water closet toilet, lavatory. Also the title of my favourite Lionel Ritchie song. Maybe best used for a dog with an international ancestry. Social or professional solidarity, right on. Also the title of an iconic song by Free from the early s. It reached No.

Rich Pickings for Ravens by Tom Conrad

It means "ultimately", "in the final analysis", in the end", "having taken everything into consideration". This is part of the phrase " Everything is Ship-shape and Bristol fashion" which means that everything is going well, without a hitch. It is seldom heard these days and the full phrase with " However I doubt whether Elvis Presley fans care too much and in view of the fact that this song is a pop classic, I think even I can turn a blind eye.

The cast is the list of actors in a play or film. For those who love sharing the best season of the year with their best four-legged friend s. Often used in a science fiction context, for example, when a rocket or spece ship is about to leave to blast off into space. I am not really a scince fiction fan when it comes to literature but I usually go and see a science fiction film.

Just because something looks like gold, it doesn't mean it is gold. Ideal for your dog if you like jazz. Personally, I don't, but that is more a failing in me than in jazz as a musical phenomenon. On the other hand, I love the sound and look of the word. In other words, non-religious songs are better than religious ones ie. Furthermore, even someone like me enjoys hymns like "Abide With Me" and many Christmas carols. Slang but not vulgar. If a football team have "all to play for", they still stand a good chance of winning a match, even though they may be one goal down or the score is level pegging.

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An optimistic expression.. The conductor of a choir might say to the choristers "All together now! Also the title of a lesser work of the Beatles. With everything included or counted.