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Permanent Mission of the Gambia. A World Ready to Learn: Prioritizing universal quality pre-primary education. Towards a more accountable, inclusive and participatory SDG implementation that leaves no one behind.

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International Civil Society Centre. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Science to power Sustainable Development Goals - 11 years to maximize on synergies and opportunities between the Paris Agreement and Agenda SDG Reducing inequalities, lessons from Poland: a catalyst for economic growth, poverty reduction and ensuring that no one is left behind. Leaving no child behind: Education for sustainable development.

Wednesday, 10 July.

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It reaffirms the mutually supportive relationship between economic and social policies, full employment and decent work. Progress has generally been slow on the twelve interconnected SDG8 targets. Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality through human rights. Building Momentum: Working together for all children to live free from violence.

ChildFund Alliance.

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Strengthening governance, participation and engagement to tackle environmental challenges. Permanent Mission of Mongolia. Reducing inequalities: a look at Persons with Disabilities. Stakeholder Group of Persons wth Disabilities. Division for Inclusive Social Development. Permanent Mission of Qatar. Permanent Mission of Switzerland.

Permanent Mission of Belgium. Reducing food waste to achieve the climate goals and SDGs: Engagement of private sector. Vulnerable People and the Regions where they live.

United States Sustainable Development Corporation. Ensuring protection and inclusive and equitable quality education for internally displaced children. Education to end inequality and promote peace.

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Salesian Mission Inc. Right to the City and Right to Food- realizing territorial justice and rural-urban linkages.

Global Platform for the Right to the City. Permanent Mission of Ghana. Connecting people, inspiring action — the role of volunteers in achieving inclusiveness and equality in delivering the SDGs. Volunteer Groups Alliance. Thursday, 11 July. Thematic review: Perspectives of society. Major Groups and other Stakeholders MGoS are crucial to the successful implementation, follow-up and review of the Agenda. In preparation for the HLPF, MGoS contributed to review processes at all levels, including at the regional forums and through national review mechanisms.

The Agenda cites science, technology and innovation as key means of implementing the SDGs—as sources of knowledge about the world as it is, to inform effective policy making, and as tools to transform the world into what it must be for the wellbeing of future generations. Additional panelists will share their own experiences in working to strengthen the science-policy interface at all levels.

They will address both sides of the equation—as a leader of a global scientific organization and as a municipal-level policy maker. The session is expected to be highly interactive, particularly because Member States and Major Groups and Other Stakeholders have had the opportunity to review and comment on an earlier draft of the GSDR.

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  • Islam and Peacebuilding: Gulen Movement Initiatives.
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Inequality reduction is a priority throughout the Agenda. Its 10 targets capture multiple drivers of inequality to ensure that no group or individual is left behind.

Critical Chain Project Management Overview in 20 minutes

Four targets address within-country inequality across social, economic and political dimensions aiming to expand prosperity, inclusion, and social protection. Three targets aim to reduce inequality among countries with attention to cross-border flows of finance and people and the distribution of voice in global institutions.

Three other targets focus on the means of implementation and put forward concrete steps for attaining greater equality by directing resource flows toward those most in need. Equal or universal access for all to resources, services and opportunities is a recurring theme across the SDGs. Participatory and Inclusive tools to build capacities in leaving no one behind. Practices and Approaches on quality education towards environment and climate action.

UN Regional Commissions Office. Conversation with authors of the Global Civil Society Report. Global Policy Forum. Powering up 4 success: Inclusive, dynamic country-led evaluations for successful SDG implementation and reporting. Fulfilling the human rights to water, sanitation and decent work: An interlinkage approach to reduce inequalities and achieve the SDGs.

Education to prevent trafficking in children. SDG 6 on clean water and sanitation provides a unique opportunity to accelerate progress on the Agenda due to the central role of water in advancing human rights, reducing poverty and inequality and enabling peace, justice and sustainability in all its dimensions.

Identifying and understanding the interlinkages between SDG 6 and other SDGs is critical for increasing policy coherence and effectiveness at regional and national scales, and for facilitating integrated implementation of the Agenda. Baha'i International Community. Fostering digital transformation and global partnerships for SDG achievement. Building inclusive, healthy and resilient communities through agroforestry.

Permanent Mission of Austria. SDG Advancing implementation of climate action and understanding progress: How advanced are we? VNR Lab 5: How can science advance national implementation? Contribution of the Global Forum on Migration and Development for the achievement of the Agenda. Global Forum on Migration and Development.

Sendai Stakeholders.

Research Catalogue, Volume 2

Permanent Mission of Belize. Regional contributions to empower people and promote equality: experiences, lessons learnt and way forward. Permanent Mission of Thailand. Agenda Feminista. Film Screening: Pili. Empowering people and ensuring inclusiness and equality for women migrants globally. National reports on Agenda: What do they tell us?

Mind Matters More Than Money - Boosting cognitive competences for sustainable development through science and education.