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This is the abomination.

What is the sin of the New Sodom? Looking on as people share their stories, one after another, about what will happen to their lives if an already too-expensive health care system is dismantled and defunded, yet callously going about spending their energy on doing just that. Giving gifts in the form of tax breaks to those few who already have plenty, while millions are suffering outside their door.

The Pride of Sodom | flurormoribam.gq

Proud and detestable. And it does not end at health care: homelessness is on the rise, and they defund affordable housing initiatives.

Extreme poverty and hunger affects millions in the richest country on earth, yet they are against a livable wage and want to cut food stamps. Women who are victims of sexual assault are shamed. The refugee, immigrants and even young children are treated worse than criminals. All of this is the epitome of a Biblical definition of Sodom. Ironically, it is this same group who spends great resources to fight LGBTQ rights and treats the community with contempt, including fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are gay.

They are out protesting about where people use the toilet in public restrooms, who can serve in our military, who gets married to whom and who can buy a wedding cake to celebrate their special day. God, save us from the New Sodom. About the Author: Christian Democrats. Related Posts.

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The Religious Right Is The New Sodom

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The ‘Direct Correlation’ Between America and Sodom and Gomorrah

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Furthermore, we know from historical sources that Sodom was known predominantly for homosexuality. Even today, what do we call the homosexual sex act? We call it sodomy.

Biblical misunderstandings

From the city of Sodom. It is a complete fanciful twisting of the text to say that homosexuality was not the primary reason that God destroyed the city. Homosexuals twist these clear words to try to say these verses actually condemn idolatry, not homosexuality.

Homosexuality is a sin. Robert Jeffress, Used by permission. Blog The Bible Is Clear We are about to destroy this place, because their outcry has become so great before the Lord that the Lord has sent us to destroy it. First Baptist Church. Welcome to First Baptist Dallas!

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