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Posted by Oscar Udeshi on June 15, It is that time of year again, where menswear brands, artisanal makers and retailers meet to market and sell the ready to wear collections that will be available in fine menswear shops for next summer. Or that was the original idea of Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy. Instead, through the advent of social media, it has become THE place to be seen and photographed, preferably as many times as is possible.

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The fact that it is an actual trade show, has passed many people by. I have included pictures taken by Sebastian McFox for Styleforum to give you an idea of the peacocks strutting their stuff at Pitti:. Which is also part of the tribe of "My trousers are so crazy I could find anything to wear with it except a matching jacket" tribe:. And if that wasn't enough, they try and find someone else in the same predicament:. But then decide it is better to dress as a pair for maximum visual effect in case you didn't see it the first time:.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Ginger-snaps, by Fanny Fern.

Some take inspiration from films such as this Star Wars inspired outfit:. I have seen lots of panic and misinformation going around, so wanted to cover some key things. There will be spoilers beneath the cut here. Please, please be respectful of others, and take appropriate caution when discussing this information. I will, however, go into some key moments - I really think all of this is best experienced in a cinema rather than through my account, so bear that in mind before proceeding.

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I advise that you wait, but I know that some people are desperate for this and felt obliged to provide. Keep reading. How extraordinarily like your father, you are, Potter. He too was exceedingly arrogant, strutting about the castle. Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin.

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The popular cozy cafe was ridden with customers, leaving you squeezed in a corner on a fluffy cushion with your cup of tea in hand and balancing a book on your knee. Luckily you sat directly next to a big window, allowing you a view of the whole street, where fashionable young couples and groups of friends were strutting about hand in hand, arms looped together like destiny knots.

H ow extraordinarily like your father you are Potter; he too was exceedingly arrogant, strutting about the castle. Originally posted by iheartowengrady. Originally posted by boodalinski-gifs. Your hound would literally lay down its life for you if it comes to that.

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Yours will follow you everywhere. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is stopping this thing.

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They are dedicated thick-skinned troopers. Even hurt, your hound will faithfully stand beside you, no matter what may come. Did you know that adult lions will exaggerate pain when a cub attacks them? Indeed, they do! This same principle applies to yautja hounds. Even as a puppy, yautja hounds think they are the scariest beasts to ever walk the universe.

Yes, the day has finally come: your own ridable pet! While yautja are far too large, you a tiny ooman can easily ride a fully-grown hunting hound. In fact, your mate would surprise you one day with a saddle. Remember: once full-grown, a yautja hound is closer in size to a massive bear. That, plus their extreme strength makes carrying you an easy task. To your disbelief, however, the next morning saw your little troublemaker up and about, ready for another walk.

They make a great subject for photography, as shown by these 9 stunning images of the luxuriously adorned birds taking to the sky. I think human or gem Lapis has probably the best bedroom eyes. Just like, half lidded and biting her lip, it makes me blush thinking about it.

NETN Species Spotlight - Wild Turkey

Peri's probably the best at like seductive pose or like strutting. I'm not sure about Amethyst tho.

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  6. I also thought this was some very important info that should be told to you. When Jimin had slowly started to warm up to you, you thought maybe — just maybe — that this could be good. That you brought with you from back home — your old home. It was also starting to almost seem like a new home to you too. Seeing familiar faces every morning when you walked the long hallways and gazed the tall ceilings.

    Ada reminded you of your younger sister with her childlike jokes and Haejin with her fiery jibes that always got a scolding from Da-hee for stepping over her bounds and forgetting your status as the crowned princess and their future queen. No matter how much you reassured Da-hee, the woman was as stubborn as everyone you had encountered in the castle. Almost like Jimin and you wondered how long the old woman had serviced this castle. What was she like?

    Surely not as taciturn and austere as her son? JavaScript is required to view this site.

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