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Authors Painter, William L. Publisher Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service. Place of Publication: Washington D. About Browse this Partner. What Descriptive information to help identify this report.

Congressional Research Service Reports May 2015

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Where Geographical information about where this report originated or about its content. Place Name United States. Publication Place Washington D. Library of Congress.

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Map Information Automatically generated Place Name coordinates. Requires a report from the Administrator on ways to assist with the development of broadband and wireless technology that would benefit small businesses. Revises or adds provisions concerning SBA women's small business ownership programs, including: 1 requiring the Administrator to maximize the transparency of the women's business center financial assistance proposal process and programmatic and financial oversight process; 2 authorizing the Administrator to conduct projects to provide training and counseling designed to meet the business needs of women, especially socially and economically disadvantaged women; 3 reauthorizing for FYFY appropriations for activities of the National Women's Business Council, and requiring a partisan balance of Council members; 4 establishing a policy advisory group within the Interagency Committee on Women's Business Enterprise; and 5 directing the Comptroller General CG to conduct a study of the unique economic issues facing women's business centers located in rural or insular areas.

Requires each such center to conduct projects that offer culturally tailored Native American business development assistance. Directs the Associate Administrator for Veterans Business Development to establish an online mechanism to provide information that assists veterans' assistance providers in carrying out their activities and to coordinate and leverage the work of such providers. Requires: 1 the SBA Administrator to establish a veterans' business center program to assist small businesses owned and controlled by veterans, including service-disabled veterans and reservists; and 2 a CG report on the ability of veteran-owned small businesses to access credit.

Increases certain loan limits under certain federal small business disaster relief and assistance programs. Reduces loan collateral requirements. Directs the Administrator to establish: 1 for each of four business industry categories a maximum net worth for socially disadvantaged individuals who own or control small businesses within that category; and 2 a surety bond pilot program for guaranteeing a surety against loss from a breach of bond terms by eligible small businesses.

Directs the Associate Administrator for International Trade to: 1 develop an online assessment tool that allows small businesses to assess their export readiness; and 2 conduct international trade and export outreach events designed to reach small businesses owned by veterans and women, as well as rural and socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses. Expands the state trade and export promotion grant program to cities and major metropolitan areas. Provides certain regulatory relief for small businesses. Back to Top. Co-Sponsors: Co-Sponsors 4.

Summary: Helping Expedite and Advance Responsible Tribal Home ownership Act of or HEARTH Act of - Extends to any Indian tribe the discretion granted under current law only to the Navajo Nation to lease restricted lands for business, agricultural, public, religious, educational, recreational, or residential purposes without the approval of the Secretary of the Interior. The Secretary must still approve the tribal regulations under which those leases are executed and mining leases still require the Secretary's approval.

Sets forth the environmental review process required under tribal lease regulations before those regulations obtain the Secretary's approval. Requires the process to identify and evaluate any significant effects a proposed lease may have on the environment and allow public comment on those effects. Allows tribes to rely on a federal environmental review process rather than the tribal environmental review process if the project under review is federally funded.

Committees: House Energy and Commerce. Summary: Rio Grande Pueblos Irrigation Infrastructure Improvement Act - Directs the Secretary of the Interior, acting through the Commissioner of Reclamation, to: 1 conduct a study of irrigation infrastructure for 18 Rio Grande Pueblos in New Mexico; and 2 develop a list of projects recommended to be implemented over a year period to repair, rehabilitate, or reconstruct such infrastructure. Provided by Congressional Research Service. Status: Referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, and in addition to the Committee on Financial Services, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

Summary: Former Bennett Freeze Area Development Act - Requires the Commissioner of the Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation ONHIR , by request of the Navajo Nation or the Hopi Tribe by tribal resolution, to enter into a self-determination contract or contracts with the requesting Indian tribe to plan, conduct, and administer programs, functions, services, or activities, including construction programs administered by the Commissioner that pertain directly to the requesting Indian tribe. Makes amounts in the Fund available to the Navajo Nation solely for purposes which will contribute to the continuing rehabilitation and improvement of the economic, housing, infrastructure, health, educational, and social condition of families, and Navajo communities, that have been affected by the former Bennett Freeze.

Authorizes the Commissioner to carry out a rehabilitation program to redress the effects of federal development restrictions Bennett Freeze in the western portion of the Navajo Reservation, limited to housing construction and renovation, infrastructure improvements, and economic development initiatives. Repeals requirements that: 1 the United States be reimbursed for funds appropriated to the Navajo Rehabilitation Trust Fund before its termination; and 2 the income derived by the Navajo Tribe from the surface and mineral estates of certain lands located in New Mexico acquired for the Tribe's benefit be used to reimburse the General Fund of the U.

Reauthorizes the Fund.

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Grants the Navajo Nation the right to negotiate and approve an Accommodation Agreement with the Hopi Tribe for any Navajo head of household residing on Hopi Partitioned Land that has not otherwise entered into such Agreement but intends to remain on the Land. Amends the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute Settlement Act of to grant any Navajo family that has entered into an Accommodation Agreement the right to: 1 relinquish that Agreement at any time up until the closure of the ONHIR; and after such relinquishment 2 receive the full relocation benefits to which the family would otherwise have been entitled had the family not signed such Agreement, including relocation housing, counseling, and other services.

Sponsor: Rep Dicks, Norman D. Summary: Designates specified federal land within Olympic National Park, Washington, as wilderness or potential wilderness.

Incorporates them within the Olympic Wilderness. Places specified federal land within the Park and specified nonfederal land owned by the Quileute Indian Tribe in trust for the Tribe. Includes those lands in the Quileute Indian Reservation. Subjects portions of the federal land conveyed to the Tribe to easements and conditions that preserve the natural condition of the land and provide the public with recreational access to the land and Park.

Exempts land conveyed to the Tribe along the southern boundary of the Reservation from any easements or conditions. Allows that land to be altered to allow for the relocation of Tribe members and structures outside the tsunami and Quillayute River flood zones. Extinguishes the Tribe's claims against the United States relating to the Park's past or present ownership, entry, use, surveys, or other activities upon the conveyance of the land to the Tribe and a formal Tribal Council resolution.

Sponsor: Rep Hirono, Mazie K. Committees: House Transportation and Infrastructure. Title: A bill to reauthorize the programs of the Department of Housing and Urban Development for housing assistance for Native Hawaiians. Sponsor: Sen Inouye, Daniel K. Amends the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of to: 1 make the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands of the state of Hawaii eligible for loan guarantees; and 2 extend through FY the authorization of appropriations for the credit subsidy to cover the costs of federal guarantees for financing for tribal housing activities.

Title: A bill to expand the authority of the Secretary of the Air Force to convey certain relocatable military housing units to Indian tribes located in Idaho and Nevada. Committees: Senate Committee on Armed Services. Summary: Amends the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, to include Idaho and Nevada among specified states to which the Secretary of the Air Force may convey certain relocatable military housing units to Indian tribes.

Title: A bill to direct the Secretary of Commerce to establish a demonstration program to adapt the lessons of providing foreign aid to underdeveloped economies to the provision of Federal economic development assistance to certain similarly situated individuals, and for other purposes. Ordered to be reported with an amendment in the nature of a substitute favorably. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs. Summary: Native American Employment Act of - Amends the Indian Financing Act of to direct the Secretary of the Interior to establish a tier system of guaranteed or insured loans to Indian tribes for energy development or manufacturing jobs carried out on Indian lands.

Amends the Indian Employment, Training, and Related Services Demonstration Act of to revise requirements regarding Indian tribe or tribal organization plans to integrate employment, training, and related services programs. Requires their integration into a single, coordinated, comprehensive program. Declares the purposes of the Native Initiatives are to assist Native community development financial institutions to provide access to credit, capital, and financial services in Native communities.

Amends the Buy Indian Act to direct the Secretary, to the maximum extent practicable, to require that: 1 Indian labor be employed; and 2 any contract to fulfill requirements for goods or services, manufacturing, or construction, renovation, or demolition work be awarded competitively to an Indian organization or economic enterprise.

Requires the SBA, acting through the Associate Administrator, to establish Native American business centers to overcome obstacles impeding the establishment, development, and expansion of Native American small businesses and other underserved small businesses located on or near tribal land.

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Amends the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act to require either the Secretary of Health and Human Services or the Secretary of the Interior, or both, to establish a qualified school construction bond escrow account to which shall be allocated specified funds derived from qualified school construction bonds for construction, rehabilitation, and repair of schools funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Requires the Office to assist Native American entrepreneurs to: 1 develop small businesses; 2 develop management and technical skills; 3 seek federal procurement opportunities; 4 increase Native American employment opportunities; and 5 increase Native American access to capital markets. Requires: 1 SBA to provide financial assistance to tribal colleges, certain nonprofit organizations, and small business development or women's business centers to create Native American business centers; 2 each business center to conduct five-year projects for business education aid to such entities; and 3 each assistance applicant to submit a five-year plan on proposed assistance and training activities.

Calendar No. Summary: Job Creation and Tax Cuts Act of - Amends the Internal Revenue Code to extend expiring tax expenditure provisions relating to infrastructure financing, energy, individuals, housing, businesses, health care, and disaster relief. Requires a report to Congress on each tax expenditure extended by this Act. Makes technical corrections and other amendments to laws relating to pension funding.

2017 Disaster Supplemental Appropriations: Overview

Sets forth tax rules for the treatment of partnership interests transferred in connection with the performance of services. Treats as ordinary income or loss net income or loss from an investment services partnership interest. Extends through the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund financing rate and increases such rate to 78 cents a barrel. Denies a tax deduction for the payment of punitive damages. Includes in taxpayer gross income punitive damages paid by an insurer. Provides additional funding for: 1 grants to states for youth activities, including summer employment; and 2 the Housing Trust Fund for low-income housing programs.

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Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports - National Agricultural Law Center

Appropriates funds to the Department of Agriculture to carry out the terms of a settlement agreement to resolve claims raised in the cases consolidated in In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation, including Pigford claims relating to a racial discrimination action against the Department of Agriculture. Amends the Surface Transportation Extension Act of to authorize expenditures from the Highway Trust Fund for allocations of infrastructure funding to states.

Amends the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States to extend through duty suspensions on certain cotton fabrics. Increases and extends through FY grant funding to state courts to assess and improve handling of proceedings relating to foster care and adoption. Amends Internal Revenue Code provisions relating to unemployment compensation program integrity. Extends: 1 through December 31, , fees for customs services in connection with processing of merchandise; and 2 through September 30, , fees for custom services in connection with commercial vehicles.

Foreign-Held Debt Transparency and Threat Assessment Act - Requires: 1 the President to report to Congress quarterly on the risks posed by foreign holdings of debt instruments of the United States; 2 the Secretary of the Treasury to report annually on such risks; and 3 the Comptroller General to report annually on risks to the United States posed by the federal debt.

Requires the President to formulate and implement a plan of action to reduce the risk posed by foreign holdings of debt instruments to U.