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Least profitable — high start-up costs, slim profit margins, little room for growth, etc. Most profitable — low start-up costs, huge profit margins, plenty of room for growth, etc. Articles related to business idea — All of the JuniorBiz articles that mention this idea. Click the icon and get a list. Only a few now, but more to come.

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W hen you offer a product, people will pay you for something that they can hold in their hands. This product must either solve a problem i. Selling a product as a young entrepreneur has advantages and disadvantages. W hen you provide a service, people will pay you for your time and effort.

Providing a service as a young entrepreneur has advantages and disadvantages. W hen you have an Internet business, you can sell a product i.

50 Business Ideas for Teens - Small Business Trends

In either case, you must offer something unique. Running an Internet business as a young entrepreneur has advantages and disadvantages. Update: Since publishing this article, I co-founded a simple freelance marketplace called AwesomeWeb to help freelancers find clients online. Home About Contact.

Ben Wang juggles school with a bustling tech trade. The year-old Sydney high school student, who was the youngest exhibitor at CeBIT Australia , was shocked by the amount of power that would have been wasted had he left his computer on all the time. So he set out to create his own solution, "while saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions". From there, I learnt how to design electronic circuits, outsource the manufacturing and run a business. The internet also gave my projects a global audience through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

100+ Teen Money Making Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Lacey Filipich helps young people get their business ideas off the ground. Wang devotes almost all his spare time to his projects, often handling "customer support or debugging issues when my schoolmates are studying or playing video games". Fourteen-year-old Ella Gould says trying to start a business while still in your teens is "difficult because some people judge you by your age and don't take you seriously. The good part about it is that you can start earning money at an early age and being more independent.

That's when I decided to really try and make something of it. Her business is called 13 Candles — it has 13 scents in the range and she was 13 years old when she started it. For Gould, school work always comes first. I fit in my candle making mostly on weekends and it's good that the markets and events I do are not on school days.

In many ways, starting a home business is a better way for a teen to make extra money over getting a part-time job.

1. Know you’ll make mistakes and learn from them

For one, a teen can tap into his interests, passions, and experiences to make money. Second, a business is often flexible, so it can be run around a school and activities schedule. Finally, many home businesses are portable, so when the teen grows up and goes to college or leaves home, the business can often go with him. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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Becoming an Owner Home Business. By Leslie Truex. Many residents want and need help with a variety of tasks including:. Graphic design Web Design and programming Videographer and video editing Audio editing Social media management Virtual support. YouTube : Starting a video blog on YouTube is a fun way to make money through ad revenue, brand sponsors, and affiliate marketing. A teen can take a hobby or interest and turn it into an online show. For example, many gamers screencast their video games to share on YouTube.

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Other YouTube stars sing, provide beauty or fashion tips, deliver comedy, share lifestyle tips or insights, provide exercise tips, and more. Or, if video seems like too much work, podcasting is another option. Instagram : Similar to YouTube, teen Instagram influencers tend to focus on a passion or interest, such as beauty, fashion, food, pets, or life in general. For the most part, these highly followed teens make money through sponsored shout outs.