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Max Anders, the Series Editor of the Holman New Testament Commentary has brought together eleven prominent scholars to write these easy-to-read, yet thorough commentaries to help prepare teachers and pastors for Bible study lessons and sermons. Matthew, a Jew, wrote to a Jewish audience to prove that Jesus, the carpenter from Nazareth, was the promised Messiah-King. Stuart K.

The Testaments: One Fold One Shepherd of Jesus Christ in America FULL VERSION (2000)

Weber attended Wheaton College B. In his gospel, Mark presented Jesus as the ultimate servant, concentrating more on what Jesus did, then on what He said. Rodney L. He has served as Director of the Robert Pamplin, Jr. With the precision of a historian and physician, Luke wrote his gospel to assure those who read it that God had fulfilled His purposes in the life and ministry of Jesus.

Butler shows us how Luke presents a compassionate Jesus, a Messiah concerned with the needy and less fortunate. This gospel, to a mostly Greek-speaking audience, was the result of diligent, firsthand research, written not only in chronological order but in logical order as well. Trent C.

Butler earned his Ph. Gangel's commentary lifts up the historical significance and timeless truths of this pivotal Gospel. John writes to an audience that has had at least fifty years of church history. Christianity has made its impact on the Mediterranean world.

The Bible and the Land – 10 The New Testament and the Land

Kenneth O. Gangel is executive director of graduate studies at Toccoa Falls College and distinguished professor emeritus of Christian education at Dallas Theological Seminary. Gangel received his M. Acts unfolds the incredible story of how God brought the good news of salvation to the world. Luke gives us a glimpse into the first-century and the rise of Christianity, making references to buildings, customs, cities, the role of women in the early church, philosophical and theological speeches, and missionary travels.

But Luke is not just interested in the events; he delves deeper into the meaning of these events. Boa reminds us that part of the approach to understanding Romans is to discover the heart of the author, the apostle Paul. What did he want the Roman church to know and learn? This letter delivered some very profound doctrinal and practical truths to the first-century church that remain relevant to Christians today. The church at Rome contained Jews and Gentiles who were in need of apostolic guidance and teaching. They needed to know the purpose and power of the gospel. The goal Paul had in mind in writing this letter was to teach, equip, and unite the Roman believers in the faith, to prepare them to be co-laborers with him in an extraordinary task—spreading the gospel.

He is engaged in a ministry of relational evangelism and discipleship, teaching, writing, and speaking. He holds a B. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. An American Translation. The Bible in Living English. Masoretic Text , Textus Receptus. Children's King James Version. Christian Community Bible , English version. Christian Standard Bible. Clear Word Bible.

Complete Jewish Bible.

The Bible and the Land – 10 The New Testament and the Land | Christ at the Checkpoint

Contemporary English Version. Concordant Literal Version. Restored Greek syntax. A concordance of every form of every Greek word was made and systematized and turned into English. The whole Greek vocabulary was analyzed and translated, using a standard English equivalent for each Greek element. Masoretic Text, various critical editions of the Greek text i. Tregelles, Tischendorf, Westcott and Hort. Divine Name King James Bible [6]. Authorized King James Version which restores the Divine Name, Jehovah to the original text in 6, places, Jah in 50 places and Jehovah also appears in parentheses in the New Testament wherever the New Testament cross references a quote from the Old Testament in places.

Totaling to 7, places. Douay-Rheims Bible Challoner Revision. Uses various methods, such as "emphatic idiom" and special diacritical marks, to bring out nuances of the underlying Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts. Public Domain due to copyright expiration. English Standard Version. Masoretic Text and Westcott-Hort.

God's Word. Robert Alter 's translation of the Hebrew Bible. Holman Christian Standard Bible. International Standard Version. This Bible was heavily influenced by the French original, and the commentary was a verbatim translation of the French.

Prophecies given by Jesus Christ

The Old Testament translation is based on the Hebrew Masoretic text. It follows the edition of Seligman Baer except for the books of Exodus to Deuteronomy, which never appeared in Baer's edition. For those books, C. Ginsburg's Hebrew text was used. This Bible version is now Public Domain due to copyright expiration.

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Julia E. This Bible version is now Public Domain worldwide due to copyright expiration except in the United Kingdom due to crown letters patent until A Literal Translation of the Bible. American Standard Version paraphrase.

Matthew's Bible. Modern English Version. Moffatt, New Translation. Names of God Bible. OT: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. New American Bible Revised Edition. An update to it mainly to the New Testament as of now is scheduled for release in New American Standard Bible.

The Old Testament Was Already Put Together by the Time of Jesus

Masoretic Text, Greek New Testament. New International Reader's Version. New International Version.

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