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More information. From Board Game Online Wiki. Flavor Text History has forgotten the name of the warlock whose left hand was pickled and preserved, but his dead limb still radiates with eerie power to this day. Categories : Unremovable items Items containing animal products Items containing meat Soulbound items Fireproof items Frostproof items Items Artifacts.

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Other things Flagged pages All pages Cat:Events. A faded fishing port in North Yorkshire, Whitby is best known for inspiring one of its best known visitors — Bram Stoker — in the composition of his landmark work of gothic horror, Dracula.

Hand of Glory in Whitby Museum

This mummified hand had been found in the late s hidden above the door frame of an old thatched cottage in Castleton, a village deep in the North York Moors. The cottage had previously belonged to a local rogue, although he was never convicted of any crime, and this disgusting discovery was instantly recognized as the Hand of Glory.

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Hand of Glory, Whitby Museum. Photo by John W.

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Schulze CC BY 2. It was and still is, the only surviving example of its kind. The hand of glory on display at Whitby Museum.

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Photo by www. Their dangling body was hacked up for various purposes by the desperate and the despicable alike. By special permission surgeons carted them away for public dissections, but they were an honest exception. Splinters of the gallows were taken as protective or healing charms or popped in the mouth to ease toothache ; the rope itself was said to cure headaches; teeth were prised out for the making of dentures; and various stomach-turning folk medicines called for human fat, blood and the moss growing on the skull of a hanged man.

Across the 18th century there are reports the sick lining up to place their withered limbs, or even their sickly babies, into the lifeless hands of a hanged man, often the executioner himself would charge a small fee for access to the corpse. The fingers were moved into their new position, and the hand was pickled for two weeks in an earthenware jar with salt, long peppers and saltpetre potassium nitrate.

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