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Many in that room, and others like them around the world, have already paid dearly for their vocal and unrelenting support of Israel. As I look back at my experience that day I can not help but feel inspired by the courage and intellectual honesty I encountered, and continue to encounter as I travel the globe.

Then, before the LORD, you will be clean from all your sins.

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It is a sabbath of rest, and you must deny yourselves; it is a lasting ordinance. Ari Abramowitz. My Left: Amb. My Right: Dani Kaplan.

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He is a film maker, educator, and the host of the popular "Israel Inspired Radio" on iTunes. Parshat Vayelech — Writing to remember.

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    On the ground, your heroic world savior — he or she, human, elf, dwarf, or Qunari — goes and does Dragon Age things, same as it ever was. All of it is filled with enemies, and secrets, and tiny slices of life in need of a savior. The more evil you snuff out, the more citizens-in-need that you come to the aid of, the more your power base grows.

    You do a lot of reading at the War Table, first to learn what a task is and how each advisor would tackle it, then to see the results of your choice. It makes a certain amount of sense.

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    The Inquisition lives and dies by its reach, and a growing power base means you can bring more forces to bear against the rising tide of magical threats in the world. A pleasant gameplay loop develops: Explore the world to grow your power, then spend that power at the War Table to move the story forward. Dragon Age: Inquisition is very good about never letting you forget the position that you hold.

    Everything feels big and momentous.

    You pass judgment on the accused from your low-rent Iron Throne and decide whether to use military might to help a whining noble or a spy network to weaken his position, but none of it really matters, beyond coloring your experience. Simultaneously, Inquisition is also very bad at keeping micromanagement at bay. Traditional exploration-and-monster-slaying is enjoyable, but the deluge of equipment and crafting materials that you pick up turns the latter half of the game into a menu-shuffling timesuck. The micromanagement works much better in multiplayer.

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    • The two modes are completely separate, but the multiplayer has plenty of hooks in its multiple character classes and crafting options. Dragon Age has never been an experience to rush through, of course. Story is your reward for patience. In some cases, the impact is purely functional. Bugs and mechanical quirks are constant companions.

      More problematic are the barriers that prevent the player from realizing his or her own Dragon Age fantasy.