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However, she is frustrated in her quest since any peaks in the figurine's glows are soon followed by receding ebbs.

You can ask to see it, but she'll be initially reluctant, whereupon you can use Honest, Diplomatic or Passionate responses. A Perception of 15 or 18 reveals that Persoq is standing over a cliff that both overlooks a town or a body of water. Being able to make the higher check of 18 will supply the additional detail that the body of water is an ocean.

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If you'd like to show your appreciation for our hard work on the site, and help us pay the bills the site generates every month, please consider helping support SP. Whoever controls the heir controls Khesat, and whoever controls Khesat controls the galaxy.

Jens doesn't know that he's the first item on a long roll-call of agendas. He's off to see the galaxy in company with his cousin Faral.

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They're looking for excitement and adventure. Before the dust settles, they'll get more of both than they bargained for And the civilized galaxy may never be the same again.

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Macdonald See All. The Price of the Stars.

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By Honor Betray'd.