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They needed to learn the Biblical principle of going and speaking with those we have issues with.

Children on the path

So I replied that if they would not go and talk with the teacher, then I guess that was the grade they would end up getting. This did not go over well!

162,654 PATH Children to Get Back-to-School Grant

There was a very strong, negative reaction that left me thinking that maybe I was the worst parent ever! In talking with one of our teachers the other day, Ward Romans shared a conversation he had with his dad in high school. Ward went to his dad and said he was having a problem with a football coach at school.

2. Help those a few steps behind you

His dad asked if he had talked with the coach yet. The path ahead for all of us is uncertain and can be frightening. This includes the path ahead of our children.


Our parental instincts are to run interference for them and to smooth the path. When our children are very young, this is normal and required.

As our children mature, though, and begin to approach adulthood, it is dangerous to try to prepare the path for them. It teaches them that someone else will solve their problems for them. That is irresponsible. We are at somewhat of a disadvantage culturally when we do not have adolescent puberty rites. In tribal cultures boys and girls did not have the option to remain immature.

Not the Path for the Child

When their bodies began to change, they were initiated into adulthood through rituals that most of us would find appalling. There was no doubt, though, after the ritual that the boy was to be considered a man and the girl was to be considered a woman.

Mom and Dad were not going to run interference any more to keep their children children. To shut …. How often have you heard this? Better yet, how often have you thought it?

Write the Future You Desire

We dream of giving our children the best possible childhood, and our hopes for their happiness are so well-intentioned. And when we have good intentions, when we know our actions are coming from a good place, we tend to set aside ….

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