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Where do you want to be financially in five years? Ten years?

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But the reality is, houses can burn down, cars can crash and all of us will face death, at some point. So what insurance do you need?

Your fourth-quarter checklist: How to finish the year strong

You may also want to consider umbrella insurance if your income or assets make you a target for a potential lawsuit, or if you own rental property. First things first: Everyone should consider having a living will and health care POA power of attorney.

A health care POA designates the person that will oversee your medical decisions and follow your medical wishes outlined in your living will in the event that you are unable to make them for yourself, says Blaylock. After you get married, be sure to update your beneficiary forms and add a TOD transfer on death or POD payable on death designation on any individual accounts, like checking, savings and brokerage assets. These forms, in a sense, act as substitutes for a will and allow money to transfer to a beneficiary directly—without the overhead or complexities of probate.

For any joint accounts, you can also consider titling the account as Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship, which serves the same purpose. And finally, you may want to consult a trust and estate attorney to discuss your specific estate planning needs if you are combining significant assets.

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Designate time once a month to discuss budgeting to help make sure your spending levels are within set limits. Then review your investments quarterly and your financial goals annually. Information shown is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended as investment, legal or tax planning advice. Please consult a financial adviser, attorney or tax specialist for advice specific to your financial situation.

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How much debt do each of you have? Make out-of-town visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and maybe even a little pampered. Houseguest Prep Checklist. Pin FB ellipsis More.

Diseases and Conditions

Image zoom. Have a spare key made. Make the bed with clean sheets. If you have a guest room, freshen up its linens. Test the air mattress.

Gather extra pillows and blankets. Guests may be used to sleeping with two pillows, so an extra set stored under the bed is a good idea. Fold an extra blanket and lay it nearby in case guests get cold. Make room in a closet.



Buy or create a suitcase stand. It will help them stay organized and keep the room neater. Have toiletries readily accessible. Use them!