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A stranger arrives atop an iron horse, from a blinding light.

A stranger to all but the woman Liesh. Her dreams have been haunted by this stranger's face for years. He is the man to take up the sacred "Sword of Braelor" and save the Davioti from their shortsightedness.

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He is The Thunder Rider. His past is fog of disjointed memories and illusive images. The only thing real to him is his love for the woman Liesh, for her, he agrees to take up "Braelor's Sword" and make things right. A magical stone must be found and restored, to stop their impending doom. The "Stone of Intent", instrumental in causing their plight, the stone was long ago broken in two and hidden away.

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Upon the motorcycle that bears his name, they set out on a quest to retrieve the stone pieces, restore it to its original state and call upon its power in an effort to avert catastrophe. Their road is long and difficult. Evil forces behind the scenes, seek to thwart their efforts, forces mortal and immortal. The would-be-hero is forced to come to terms with his value system and inborn sense of right and wrong as he counters each and every obstacle that they encounter. He must choose between what he has in the here and now or what he left behind. Choices that will ultimately decide the fate of a world.

Product Details About the Author. This is his first published work, reflecting his love of heros, motorcycles, magic, and monsters.

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Chris lives in middle America with his wife Sheila, his children Melanie and Anthony, and granddaughter Makayla. While writing is his passion, he is "paying the bills" by operating a home repair and inspection company. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

Can You See Them Too? Dylan himself appears a work of art: blue stained-glass eyes beneath the brim of his floral-decorated hat, thick mascara acting as a border between the white of his eyes and the white Kabuki makeup smeared across his face like a mask, the pasty color running south with sweat until it hits the bandanna sloppily tied around his neck.

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If the checkered suits, wild hair, and shades of his youth made Dylan look like one cool cat, his gypsy ensemble makes him look as though he fits in everywhere and nowhere all at once. Backstage: Like D. Sharon Stone, for instance, recalls how she swooned as Dylan played a song that he wrote for her on an old, abandoned piano backstage. Baez remembers that one of her favorite pastimes was impersonating Dylan in full gypsy costume and fooling catering with her nasally impression. In footage captured from an interview years later, Carter sheds light on how he sees Dylan.

The now-free ex-heavyweight describes the songwriter as someone who must always be searching for the next thing that sparks his passions. Dylan, of course, insists he has no idea why Carter keeps asking him that. Bad Weather for the Fair-Weather: Make no mistake.

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Rolling Thunder Revue rolls like a film for Dylan fans made by a Dylan fan. This is a movie equal parts documentary and concert film about a tour that the public knows nothing about but Dylan fans have been fascinated with for decades, either since attending a show, stumbling upon the recordings, or trying to make sense of four hours of Renaldo and Clara.

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For all the uncut musical performances, Scorsese keeps it relatively tight at a whopping two hours and twenty-two minutes. The celebs involved and new interviews also prevent the film from getting heavy as a bottle of bread.

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For Dylan devotees, Scorsese has given them the gift of compiling so many artifacts — plus some never-before-seen gems — in one place. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit. Bob Dylan in Rolling Thunder Revue.

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