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But while pining for and listening to the classic radio station channel in the store, something With or Without You Cheek. Eleanor Romano, researcher and art historian, is known for being thoughtful and cautious. She rarely takes risks, choosing instead to live vicariously through her best friend Nora's sexual exploits. It's difficult to be spontaneous when you're constantly fact-checking, always questioning yourself, adding in the proper footnotes.

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Jodie Silver has money and prestige - she's a buyer for an import and export business handling luxury goods in the heart of San Fransisco. But underneath this polished exterior, Jodie has a darker, wilder side. She's an addictive thrill-seeker who gets a powerful rush for pocketing things that don't belong to her - jewellery, artefacts Hide and Seek proves that the eye is as much a pathway to pleasure as any other part of the body.

The possibilities are endless: watching a lover undress from the safety of a hidden hole in the Strictly Confidential.

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Carolyn Winters is a smooth-talking disc jockey at a hip LA radio station. Although known for her sexy banter over the airwaves, she leads a reclusive life, despite the urging of her flirtatious roommate, Dahlia. Carolyn grows dependent on living vicariously through Dahlia, eavesdropping and then covertly watching as her roommate's Got a Minute?

When it comes to a breathless, clothes-in-a-heap romp or a naughty tease before the elevator doors slide open, who hasn't fantasized about quickies? Readers join in the fun when the lovers Giving In. But her dream of a relaxing escape is shattered when she spies Sasha being spanked and seduced by their sexy, dominant host.

Ellis quickly realizes the guests at the villa want her to join their My brain is an interesting location—more of a bar than a bus station. Characters arrive and make themselves at home.

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I pour If you wished the film Secretary went all the way, this explicit erotic ebook featuring eleven wild, smart tales of kinky office sex gives you what you need. All the things we wish we could do to -- or with -- that hottie at the office, but can't in real life, become a reality for the vivid characters in this eleven story collection E Is for Exotic Erotic Alphabet. Exotic locations lend themselves to sexual exploration. Travelers are free from the mundane details of ordinary life, their senses filled with the sights, sounds, and aromas of faraway places.

Here, Alison Tyler has collected twelve stories of lush, exotic sex. F Is for Fetish Erotic Alphabet. The feeling of being zipped up tight in a leather jacket, the flood of desire unleashed by the glimpse of perfectly shaped feet caressed by high heeled shoes. Here are twelve tantalizing stories that capture the erotic power of fetishes. In this unique guide for couples, Alison Tyler presents each chapter by sharing her own personal sexual experience along with a short erotic story that will not only instruct readers in the hows and whys, but help them visualize what they can do to invigorate their sex lives and Never Have The Same Sex Twice.

From having a weekly date Seductive on his feet, exceptional in bed, he woos his prey rather than dining on them-but leaves them demolished, nonetheless. Ten Minutes in the 80s "For ten minutes in the eighties, I was beautiful. I've been beautiful since, but never like For those who like their erotica fast and frenzied, the genre's most popular raconteur offers you Sultry Short Erotic Stories of Need and Desire.

Everyone loves a quickie. A breathless, clothes-in-a-heap romp or a naughty tease before the elevator doors slide open. The lovers Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples. According to statistics, men think about sex 20 times a day and women around ten. Alison Tyler thinks about sex twenty four hours a day and the result is this sizzling collection of headily sensual stories, Morning, Noon, and Night.

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Fortunately, noted eroticist Tyler is half of a happy couple, well matched in every way so no editor is Twisted: Bondage With an Edge. Whether by rope or silk scarf or cuffs, the bonds grow even tighter as readers surrender to the pleasures of BDSM. Twisted is a collection of Alison's Wonderland.

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Over the past fifteen years, Alison Tyler has curated some of the genre's most sizzling collections of erotic fiction, proving herself to be the ultimate naughty librarian. These 30 erotic tales written expressly for the male libido feature encounters with an assortment of characters including an ex-, a bartender, a rock star, a professor, a girlfriend's roommate and a blind date. Summer Loving. Get Ready for Summer Loving! Summer speaks of balmy days, white-sand beaches, itsy-bitsy bikinis and romantic flings.

The 20 sublime stories in this collection celebrate those decadent days and naughty nights with lots of sizzling summertime sex. Dissatisfied with the lack of romance in her life, Dori returns to her hometown with the hopes of healing her wounded heart. But the small town has changed: it is restored to its former beauty. She now has the opportunity to fully make the most of Adam is impressed into the Royal Navy and Ruth is left in a brothel.

When she is rescued, few of her friends or family believe she was ever married and that the child she bears is legitimate. Ruth bears great shame, but holds her head high. Four years later Adam returns to have his revenge and finds his beloved Ruth and his child.

He is actually a nobleman known as Wycliffe who wooed and married her using his short name to be sure they wed for love. He also discovers how Ruth has suffered for their love both emotionally and physically from the fallout of the attack. Adam may need his revenge, but Ruth needs him to understand her and what she needs if their love has any hope of surviving. Published by Entangled, August Howell sweeps readers away to the Maine coast in a lovely romance that captures the aura of Civil War era New England. The finely crafted prose, dialogue and even slower pace fill readers with a joy that only Howell can create and the added bonus of family devotion and a caring for the land will resonate with many.

On the Maine coast Mehitabel Ampleford has full control over her person and her land, except for the continual raids on her home by her greedy neighbor.

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When a strong desire to see the sea again strikes, Geordie MacEnroy is glad to have the opportunity to accompany his brother, Robbie, to the coast where he can recuperate from wounds incurred in the Civil War. He has to convince the strong, independent woman of the power of his love, but when he does, they have to decide whether or not to stay on her land or go back to the MacEnroy home?

Published by Kensington, August 27, MacKenzie, known for funny, sexy Regency romps, delivers a absolutely delightful holiday set romance that is both laugh out loud funny and tender. This well-crafted love story has the quick pace MacKenzie fans expect, with charming and sometimes surprising characters and the feel good HEA everyone desires. Kick up your heels and take a chance to enjoy this holiday treat. Nick St. When Nick opens his door he expects another guest for his seasonal party—a wildly outrageous, very naughty party. Imagine his stunned expression when he finds Caro on his doorstep.

Published by Kensington, September 24, The dual narrative is intriguing and gives readers a unique portrait of what circumstances can do to destroy marriages. It is and though they are far from Paris, the German Occupation takes its toll on the inhabitants of wine country.

Newlyweds Inez and Michael of Maison Chauveau are caught up in the war when Michael begins working for the Resistance. She fears his clandestine activities will place them in danger and destroy their marriage.

Few realize she is a half Jewish. Published by Gallery Books, August 13, Sometimes we think we know what we want and that can be very dangerous because a kiss can change everything.

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  • Miss Mina Penny knows what and who she wants; the rakish Rafe Bentley. Though his brother gads about town, Drew keeps a quiet profile on their country estate.


    He only agreed to come to town because his uncle claims his sister is in danger. How hard can it be? After all he is a duke! But, suddenly Miss Penny appears. Just how these two manage to find their way to one another is a joy to read.

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    Bell crafts a sensual, sweet love story about very different people who learn to accept each other despite their flaws. Drew suffers from PTSD due to a horrific life experience and Bell handles his trauma with sensitivity and compassion. Mina is spoiled and impetuous, and her character growth is a pleasure to see. Readers will eagerly spend a wonderful evening engrossed in this magical romance. Published by Avon, July 23, Ride the High Lonesome by Roseanne Bittner.