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Every day he struggled. But, in his head, in his memories, I felt destroyed for him, too.


His realizations, his torment and his tiny moments of reprieve. His disgust, his outright terror, and the one thing that could connect him to his humanity again. Because when he was alone he could shake, he could tremble, he could scream and yell, he could punch walls, he could punch himself. Alone he could cry. Alone he could let the fear out…. I wanted to devour every second of every day of him with him… and as Ellie, once she came into the picture.

And we mostly did… for a good portion of it. And handled with such care and detail and devotion to his healing.

Unattainable (Undeniable, #3) - Written By: Madeline Sheehan - Reading free books online

His story was so much deeper, so much more painful and had sooooo much potential. And at a certain point, considering how much detail and thought went into his story in the first half, I feel like he was somewhat rushed through for the second half. I feel like I missed… a lot.

Sure, we got plenty, but there was SO much more I wanted to experience though her eyes. And through his. I dunno. Maybe the best one. Either way, he stole the show. Sidenote: My personal analyzing is over. Do I recommend it? The way this author writes, you internalize and live it, instead of just watch it. Rooting for them. In for the love that makes all sorts of horrendous and brutal mistakes.

Never with these. And then… it just might tear your heart out, too. And you know what? There is personal and emotional growth. There is a trust that develops overtime. And each book almost seems to heal them, more and more as the series progresses. Most of these guys have come from broken homes, abused childhoods, and are severely damaged. I simply… love these books.

Unbeautifully Audiobook By Madeline SHEEHAN

So I can live with them and love with them for an entire day. And maybe even part of my night, instead of just a few hours. Bring on Jase!!! The heart wants what it wants and I want Jase! According to her web site, the story of Dorothy, Hawk and Jase is next. I wonder if ZZ will get his own story.

Crossing my fingers that she will. We all love that bad boy that needs fixin!! Got the book last night and am half way through and so far.. I actually stopped reading A Little Too Far, just to start this book. I am itching to get back to it. I foresee a late night!!! OMG ZZ is getting a book?


Unattainable by Madeline Sheehan Review

I spent my whole Sunday reading Unattainable. For me Unattainable was the best so far. Loved it. I think I cried for most of the last 90 pages. Oh wait… I just re-checked the reading order and yes. I can confirm that ZZ IS scheduled for a book. Sheesh… how did I miss that? She even said that Ivy will probably get her own story as well. For me this book was all about Dirty and I hope we get to see more of him! The first two made me feel like I needed a shower to wash the dirty feeling off — and I loved every minute of it. Guess that says a lot about me, right?

This one was just okay for me.

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The two story lines were completely separate. There was no connection. I would have rather she wrote two separate books instead of throwing it into one. Only 3. I am on it, been waiting for this one for a long time and your review has me so excited!!! Dirty is a crazy freak and a great character!

Unattainable (Undeniable, #3)

Loved the book, could not put it down. No disappointment here just waiting for the next….. Yep Jean!!! This is not an early review. I one-clicked it too, as soon as it went up. Good thing I read Wallbanger which I loved over the weekend, which left me all happy and feeling good before diving into the craziness of this one! He just …. Gosh, I needed time to just absorb that whole side story before I could talk about it.

It really did outshine the main story and I wanted so badly for him to be healed through all the chaos and mayhem around him. What a complicated character and one I totally fell in love with, damaged and broken as he is. He is a diamond in the ruff and again, the question needs to be asked…..

I got it. I hope he gets some sort of novella or his own full length. I really wanted to know more about Cage and Tegan is a bit much, but I think she HAS to be this way in order to survive in a life style as such with Cage!!! I said it to a friend.

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Gritty and rough although these take it to the next level , but Ripper and Dirty reminded me of Z and V. I have a question….. Stunich, but I had to reread losing me finding you first…….. So should I reread or skim through? Gotta love a good biker book…. I honestly thought that Ellie and Dirty would be continued in the next story as well.

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Maybe they still will be…??? I NEED more from them. I am a nice person. Also, I felt so awful for ZZ. That poor man! He has to be messed up in the head with everything that has happened to him with the two West siblings! OK……I definitely wouldnt mind re-reading them…I have been addicted to biker books lately…so funny since I will not let my husband buy one…and I have never riden myself…. And the way book 1 was so taboo, I think I will reread that and skim book 2…dont want to fall that far behind. Gotta say a big bike run went by my house this weekend…..

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Not one Tack in the group…. What was it about being invited on the back of a bike that drove women crazy? It was insulting.